Laser Applications


Lasers are used to produce highly coherent, directional beams of monochromatic light in a wide variety of applications including scientific research, biomedicine, environmental sciences, industrial materials processing, microelectronics, avionics, entertainment, engraving, measuring, positioning, bar code scanning, life sciences, or machine vision.


Lasers are optical devices that generate beams of light through the stimulated emission of radiation.

Lasers are available with continuous wave or modulated operation. CW Lasers emit a continuous beam with minor fluctuations in power. Modulated Lasers have fluctuating output power over a defined frequency, including pulsed output.


KALE CNC offers a wide variety of Lasers, including DPSS, diode, gas, or semiconductor. Systems are available for applications requiring high beam quality, efficiency, or long operating lifetimes. Gas Lasers are used in applications requiring superior beam quality, long coherence lengths, or single mode operation. Semiconductor Lasers are used in many applications that require small sizes, low power consumption, long operating lifetime, or low price.