Machine Vision


KALE CNC produces lasers designed specifically for 3D Machine Vision applications, increasing the available choices of structured light lasers designed for production efficiency, quality control and inspection.


Our line of machine vision lasers are the ideal choice for 3D Profiling & Mapping, Dimensional Scanning, High-Speed Road & Rail Inspection, Web Inspection, Fluorescence and Illumination.


KALE CNC’s line of machine vision lasers boasts the highest output power and fastest modulation speeds of any similar laser modules. In addition, we provide an array of custom design and manufacturing services which include high and low volume production, custom engineering, customized connectors and beam profiling.


The material under inspection determines the range of wavelengths that can be utilized as different materials absorb different wavelengths more easily. It is important to choose your wavelength correctly as even wavelengths a few nanometers apart can have wide variations in price and optical efficiency.




LED and laser solutions contribute to increasing accuracy, throughput and reliability.

LEDs and Lasers are widely used in sorting systems allowing accurate detection of flaws and analysis of items from fruit to timber. Based on the detection of defects, vision systems will reject defective products and grade the remaining product. LEDs and lasers are the most commonly used light sources for these applications because the long lifetimes, reliability and stable output that these sources offer ensure repeatable performance, higher throughput and lower maintenance.

Common applications of sorting systems include sorting and grading of food products, timber and recycling material. Lasers and LED illumination are also used in mail sorting systems which use OCR (Optical character recognition) to vastly improve the speed of the sorting process.