Rapid prototayping



Rapid prototyping is used in applications where design prototypes or a low volume of complex parts are required to be fabricated quickly. The process enables manufacturing of complex parts out of either an epoxy polymer or powder without the need of complex tooling. The process is differentiated between Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLM). In both the SLA and SLM processes, a 3-D CAD model is sliced into many layers like a stack of cards then transferred to the SLA or SLM tool. The laser beam is steered by a galvanometric scanner head and builds up the part layer by layer. After each layer is processed, a layer of polymer or powder is deposited on top of the part and the next laser processing step begins.



UV Curing

KALE CNC can design and deliver turnkey applications in any commercially available UV Curing wavelength.

KALE CNC offer both UV LEDs and UV Lasers for UV Curing of inks, coatings and adhesives.


As UV LED efficiencies increase, the range of UV LED curing applications is growing due to the many advantages of LEDs over traditional technologies.Your system may require a single wavelength or multiple wavelengths for best system capabilities.KALE CNC will select the optimum wavelength or wavelengths for your solution; balancing efficiency & effectiveness.



We have a dedicated team of Electronic Engineers, experienced in the design of turnkey LED solutions allowing control of individual LEDs within arrays. Individually addressable LEDs and/or arrays provide you with full control over the operating parameters of your system giving you control over system optimization.