KALE CNC a Family Business in Istanbul , TURKEY
Originally a supplier of lasers and other science items for hobbyist and educational use.
We have been designing, developing, and manufacturing a comprehensive range of laser products, CNC Tool Tables and Pick, Place Machines and 3D Printers
We have made it our business to constantly research and develop new and innovative components which we produce in-house.
As a family run business our high quality products are the results of two generations working together in harmony.
KALE CNC is known for its systematic operation planning, starting from our own product design, R&D and in-house production.
All of our products are researched , desinged and manufactured in TURKEY.

Our work atmosphere encourages creativity but also demands high quality products and service.
All employees play an active role in the continuous optimization of products and processes.

Whether ordering single pieces, small series, or large series with more than 100 pieces, each individual request is processed reliably.

Our products are ideal for any number of OEM and research-based applications, including manufacturing, prototyping, microscopy, display, spectroscopy, holography, laser-induced fluorescence, flow cytometry, high-resolution printing, industrial, semiconductor inspection, machine vision, defense and security applications.

For users seeking a specialized product outside of our standard product line, we perform a number of custom-design and manufacturing services. Our multi-disciplined team of engineers are ready to provide any necassary support; while, our dedicated design engineers can create ideal solutions for your unique challenges. We house a full-service machine shop, complete with milling and turning equipment capable of handling large-scale production jobs, as well as R&D projects and prototype creation.

Together we will find the optimal solution for your application.
And at prices that will prove to be a pleasant surprise.

Technology is, by its nature, energy intensive.We are continiously identifying and exploring ways to reduce the global footprint of our facilities and to improve the efficiency of our products.

We have established a strong safety culture at all of our facilities, and believe that injuries and safety incidents are preventable.
We strongly believe that our business is strengthened by integrating safety directly into our operations and are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all of our employees.

For our customers with unique needs, we provide a variety of custom design optical ,electronic and electro-mechanical services. Our highly skilled workforce can take you from product concept to reality, from prototype to production. Whether you require a complete solution for your product, we can help. We have the machinery, workforce, and know-how to handle large-scale production jobs, as well as R&D projects and prototype creation.

Core Capabilities
Complete Design Process from concept to product production
Mechanical, Optical, & Electrical Engineering Services
Thermal Analysis of products
CNC Machining (in house) with multiple CNC Lathes & Mills
3D Printing (in house)
Shock & Vibration Compliance

Measurement Capabilities
Laser Wavelength Measurement accuracy up to ±0.02nm over a range of 214nm – 1750nm
Spectral Line Widths (FWHM) down to 10MHz with 7.5MHz resolution
Laser Beam Profiling down to 20μm spot size over 200nm to 10,000nm (10μm)
Laser Power Measurement to Picowatt resolution, over 200nm to 10,000nm (10μm)
Environmental Testing over a range of -75 to +200° C
Pointing Stability Testing measured over numerous hours to micro-radian precision
Automated Test and Measurement with Data Logging
Optical Noise Measurements